Project Details

Digital MediaStrategic Planning
Central Jersey Blood Center
Director of Marketing
Reverse Declining Donor Base Trend
Develop Data-Driven Marketing Systems
Marketing Direction, Social Strategy, Web Design
Over 25,000 New Donors
45% Higher Donor Show Rate

Mission-Driven Marketing Direction & Digital Strategy

The mission of the Central Jersey Blood Center (CJBC) is to save lives by providing a safe an adequate supply of blood to NJ’s hospitals. As Marketing Director, I managed all the digital media and marketing for the organization including a $2 million budget, four-person team, brand strategy, media planning, donor communications and recruitment.

When I arrived, CJBC was losing over 10,000 donors per month and had a marketing department that was on life support. Within 18 months, I had improved telerecruitment efficiency by 87%, conducted a brand overhaul and implemented a digital marketing strategy that added over 20,000 new donors each month and improved show rates by upwards of 40%.

  • Developed & executed a comprehensive integrated marketing plan that resulted in a 25% increase in monthly blood collection goals from previous year.
  • Added over 20,000 new donors by developing a consistent and highly targeted digital media communications strategy which¬†included¬†Google Grants.
  • Increased online appointment sign ups by over 362% leading to significant cost savings and a 40% higher donor show rate.
  • Redeveloped organization’s website and conducted a brand overhaul — including the creation of their first brand standards document and social media communication guidelines.