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Mediaplanet Publishing
Pfizer, Merck, Cardinal Health, GSK & More
Editorial Direction, Business Development
$3 Million in Sales

Publishing, Sales Leadership, Content Marketing & Influencer Engagement

I was placed at MediaPlanet in 2008 by an executive recruitment firm to help turnaround the under performing NY branch of this 20+ country publishing house. Within eighteen months I had broken every advertising sales record and published more than 15 special interest reports in leading daily press outlets.

Selected Accomplishments:

  • Managed editorial, sponsorship and creative direction for 12-24 page special reports in newspapers like the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post & USA Toda.
  • Set advertising sales records ($1.5M) by teaming up with companies like Pfizer, McKesson, CSX, Siemens, Glaxo-Smith-Klein, CVS, Syngenta, Patgonia, Taylor Guitars and more.
  • Appointed Social Media Team Lead and achieved a 35% ROI on company Facebook page by aligning clients with our social media accounts to close deals that were an avg. of 20% higher.
  • Went on to build, develop and manage a team of four publishers responsible for over $10 million in annual gross revenue.
  • Responsible for key accounts and oversaw editorial direction / sponsorship support for focused reports in healthcare, lifestyle and corporate social responsibility.
  • Managed a $3.1 million annual P&L while exceeding monthly, quarterly and annual revenue forecasts by 20%.

Check out some of my favorite publications below:

Sustainable Business Report USA Today Cover

Sustainable Future in USA Today

In collaboration with Sustainable Life Media, I published a national awareness campaign advocating for responsible business practices and sustainable consumption. I built strategic partnerships with the CEO of Patagonia, Casey Sheahan as well as companies such as CSX, NYSERDA and GfK Roper. The publication was also released at “Sustainable Brands 2011”, a cutting-edge conference which brings together the best and brightest minds/companies operating in the sustainability space.

Medication Non Adherence Report

Medication Non-Adherence in The Washington Post

Medication non-adherence is a global drug problem costing our nation billions of dollars and thousands of live. I brought together top associations and healthcare companies such as the NACDS, CVS, Merck, McKesson and Cardinal Health to publish the nation’s largest awareness campaign on the topic of medication non-adherence. The report advocated for responsible drug consumption as an important component in addressing our nation’s healthcare crisis. The total sales for the report exceeded $210,000 and reached over 2 million readers.

Music Education in The Washington Post

Working with Jason Mraz, NAMM and VH1 Save the Music, I produced a national awareness campaign advocating for better music education in schools. As a musician, this is a topic very close to my heart and I had the honor of working some of the top companies and thought leaders in the music industry.

Partners included Gibson Guitars, Casio, Taylor Guitars, GE, Roland and more to deliver this message to over 12 million readers in print and online.

Addiction Recovery in The Miami Herald

In collaboration with the American Society of Addiction Medicine, Reckitt Benckiser and many other leading research/health organizations, I published an awareness campaign in the Miami Herald focused on Addiction Recovery.

The purpose of this report was the provide an educational resource to help our readers break the cycle of addiction and lead healthier, happier and more productive lives.

Healthcare Reform in The Washington Post

Working with WellPoint, Kaiser Permanente, X PRIZE Foundation and The American College of Physicians, I published the nation’s largest awareness campaign on Healthcare reform and innovation.

The report featured the brightest thought leaders in the healthcare industry and a special article about the X PRIZE’s $10 million competition for the most innovative idea in healthcare reform.

Biotechnology in The Washington Post

I was charged with producing Mediaplanet’s first US Biotechnology report in which he created a long term strategic partnership with the industry organization BIO. Working with top innovators in the Biotech industry I brought together Syngenta, Life Technologies, AMGEN and other leaders in the Biotech industry to deliver the message and promise of Biotechnology to over 2 million readers on Capital Hill.

Dental Health in The Wall Street Journal

Working with the Oral Cancer Foundation and the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, Anthony published a comprehensive guide to oral health released to over 5 million readers of the Wall Street Journal. From conception to print, Anthony was responsible for creating strategic partnerships with Johnson & Johnson, Velscope and more to sponsor the campaign and showcase their products within unbiased relevant editorial from top doctors and thought leaders.