Project Details

Content MarketingDigital Media
Conscious Connection Magazine
Hurley, Waves for Water, Rob Machado
100K World Water Day
Viral Video, Editorial Direction, Content Marketing
Over 2 Million People

Creating Viral Content with a Purpose – 100K World Water Day featuring Rob Machado

I developed and launched a content marketing campaign in Conscious Connection for Waves for Water & Hurley H2O featuring pro-surf legend Rob Machado. The goal of the campaign was to raise awareness for global access to clean water while fostering brand engagement on the issue. By delivering the message in a visually creative and highly shareable format, the campaign received over 6,400 shares and 2 million impressions in just two days.

When it came time to promote the message on social media, Conscious Connection leveraged our global community of eco-influencers to bring much needed attention to this important issue and help achieve the Waves for Water fundraising goal. The end result was good for people, profit and planet.

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