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Anthony is a dynamic business and motivational speaker that has led Fortune 500 marketing trainings, appeared on numerous industry panels and has been a featured keynote at several accredited universities. Anthony delivers real value to his audience by showing them how to drive breakthrough thinking and innovation within their company in a fashion that delivers clear, measurable and objective results. Below are four topics he delivers on a regular basis designed to train audiences in digital marketing, develop the mindset needed for success and build a future of abundance.

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Speaking Topics

Paid Media PR Strategies

Digital Marketing Strategy: Achieving Exponential Business Growth

In this keynote, Anthony custom designs a digital marketing presentation catered specifically to your audience. This includes a breakdown of proven marketing methodologies and digital media practices your audience can implement right away to start driving a measurable ROI. Drawing on a decade of experience in the digital marketing space, Anthony brings to bear the strategies, tactics and ROI models he uses regularly for Fortune 100 companies, international non-profits and the world’s leading social enterprises. Attendees will walk away with key action items that can be used immediately to greatly increase brand presence online and drive long term business growth through digital marketing.

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Social Media Marketing Seminar: Deep Dive Training Workshop

Many businesses have already made the transition into social media, but are left wondering what to do with this new medium. Enter Movement Marketing – a brand new way of connecting with and engaging your core customer base. What moves your customers? What makes them passionate? And how do you turn your customers into loyal brand advocates? Learn how to tap into relevant cultural movements to accelerate your brand towards greater levels of social responsibility and sales. The real value of marketing in the social landscape rests on your company’s ability to align with and help propel a social movement towards goals that benefit people, society and your brand.

Digital Marketing Newsletter

Build a Career in Marketing: Accelerate the Path to Success

Whether you are just out of school or seeking to take your career to the next level, this talk has it covered. Anthony uses insights and strategies gathered from years of studying the world’s top personal development and motivational experts. At the same time, Anthony will go over everything you need to know about accelerating your career to the next level through powerful networking techniques, resume writing tips and strategies on how to interview like a pro. He will also share the secrets of the world’s top high performers and most successful leaders. Anthony leaves the audience with focused tips they can use right away to begin putting their life on the fast track to success.

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Sustainability & Social Enterprise Communications Strategy

As the Founder of Conscious Connection, Anthony has developed content marketing and communications programs for the top sustainable businesses and social enterprises in the world. He also believes that the companies succeeding in sustainability are the ones making it the priority business driver for their future. In this talk, Anthony shows how to develop and execute a sustainability communications strategy that connects people to change by speaking to their core values, and helping them to see that no matter where they are in the system, they have the ability to change it for the better. The result is good for brands as well as people, profit and planet.

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“Thank you so much for the thorough presentation and help on this initiative. Your presentation was incredibly insightful, educational, and helpful. Thanks to you, our team is ready and excited to fully ramp up on paid social!”

— Senior Marketing Team, Riddell Football