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I help companies to grow revenue by implementing purpose-driven performance marketing programs.

Anthony Chiaravallo - Digital Marketing Sales Consultant

about anthony

Anthony Chiaravallo is the award winning creator of the Digital Marketing Accelerator™ program as well as a marketing practitioner, speaker, trainer and entrepreneur.

Anthony has led performance marketing for some of the largest brands in the world. He most recently served as the SVP, Integrated Media for BCW Global where he built the paid media team from scratch, advised C-Suite clients across industries and generated over $100M in media ROI in less than five years

Moreover, he was named to the PRWEEK Magazine 40 under 40 list for outstanding professional achievement in 2018.




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What I Do

I work with emerging brands and agencies to provide scalable digital marketing campaigns and sales strategies that support growth and transformation.


Integrated Marketing Strategy

Integrating & optimizing marketing and sales systems is at the core of everything I do.

Sales Development & Training

I work with your team to implement best-in-class sales training and processes.

Digital Business Transformation

I leverage digital media to transform your business and scale customer acquisition.

clients & testimonials

Anthony is that rare talent who can talk at the highest levels of strategy, and execute at the deepest depths of detail. I learned from Anthony every time we spoke – EVERY time. And not just about paid media, which he was brilliant at, but I learned about how to do integrated marketing better, and how to get results that actually mattered (no “vanity metrics” here.)

Anthony’s confidence is contagious — I would watch him pitch clients in awe of his knowledge; he has an innate ability to make the complex seem ordinary. Most of all, he was an amazing colleague and team leader — he built his practice from scratch, and paved the way for our agency’s success in the paid and performance media space. I’m glad I got to be his colleague; I’m honored to be his friend.

Gary Goldhammer

EVP, Digital Innovation Group, BCW Global

Anthony has single handedly taken our company to an entirely new level from a marketing perspective. In less than one year, we quadrupled our website traffic, launched an app and loyalty program and increased every marketing metric by 10X across the board. Highly recommended.

Rob Giuliani

CEO & Co-Founder, Playa Bowls

Anthony is a passionate people-centric marketer with a laser like focus on marketing systems and processes that drive measurable ROI. He successfully reversed our declining donor base trend and more than doubled collections from the prior year at the NJ Blood Center.

Paul Ruddy

Former CIO, NJ Blood Center

Anthony transformed paid media from a supporting tactic to a thriving and essential part of our business. In a matter of months following his appointment, Anthony defined and created a suite of paid media products, defined our perspective on an ‘earned approach to paid’ and has developed some of the most results-driven campaigns in the agency.

His ambition to build this capability across the business has led Anthony to consult and collaborate with our markets around the world and he’s developed training modules to inform all team members about the growth potential of performance media. Anthony is a client-centric, collaborative leader who delivers an engaging, compelling and effective argument for how our paid digital campaigns deliver value for clients. If you are not working with Anthony on expanding your programs, you should be.

Chief Innovation Officer

BCW Global



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