DIGITAL marketing accelerator

I help business leaders to accelerate their digital marketing aptitude and grow revenue from performance marketing.

digital MARKETING accelerator


I created the Digital Marketing Accelerator™ Course with the sole purpose to help business leaders take their digital capabilities and sales to the next level.

Week One: Mapping Your Digital Transformation

We begin the program with an establishment of our purpose, review of the new model of integrated marketing and setting your foundations for success.

Week Two: Data Immersion & Audience Research

In week two we will work together on an audit of all existing data/marketing systems as well as begin to research target audience segments.

Week Three: Strategy Development & Goal Setting

In week three we will take the data and insights from the prior phase and develop a go-to-market strategy along with establishing our sales goals.

Week Four: Audience Messaging & Creative Expression

Week four is about the development of our sales messages and creative expression designed to solicit a response from our target audience and drive measurable qualified lead capture.

Week Five: Channel Strategy & Sales Process Improvement

In week five we will work to further build out your sales funnel and implement a media channel strategy aimed at scaling your new organic outreach methods.

Week Six: Deployment, Measurement & Optimization

In week six we will work together on setting up and launching your first paid marketing campaigns aimed at testing additional messages and lead capture.

Week Seven: Accelerating Digital Transformation

In this bonus week, we will develop a strategy aimed at accelerating your most successful campaigns & messages to drive even more ROI.

How I Get Businesses New High Value Clients & Accelerate Growth Via Digital Transformation


Anthony is that rare talent who can talk at the highest levels of strategy, and execute at the deepest depths of detail. I learned from Anthony every time we spoke – EVERY time. And not just about paid media, which he was brilliant at, but I learned about how to do integrated marketing better, and how to get results that actually mattered.

Anthony’s confidence is contagious — I would watch him pitch clients in awe of his knowledge; he has an innate ability to make the complex seem ordinary. Most of all, he was an amazing colleague and team leader — he built his practice from scratch, and paved the way for our agency’s success in the paid and performance media space. I’m glad I got to be his colleague; I’m honored to be his friend.

Gary Goldhammer

EVP, Digital Innovation Group, BCW Global

Working with Anthony is always a great experience, and it is a treat because he is so genuine and kind. Anthony is passionate about causes that matter and ways in which we can collectively improve this world, and has the right idea about how to market important programs and create content for maximum visibility. I and my clients have reaped the benefits of his work, especially at Conscious Connection!

Silvie Snow-Thomas

Vice President of Impact, Elle Communications