How Brands & Agencies Can Grow Revenue Through Performance Marketing  

Digital Marketing Accelerator™

  • Customized tracks for B2C/B2B brands and PR/creative agencies
  • Includes development and execution of paid marketing strategy
  • Automate data capture, customer acquisition & lead gen
  • Uncover hidden insights about your business grow revenue 
  • Supports, trains & upskills existing team members
  • Significantly grow accounts, customers, leads & revenue

The Digital Marketing Accelerator™ program from Anthony Chiaravallo is a hybrid consulting program designed to help your business accelerate digital marketing aptitude and grow revenue from performance marketing.

Building Your Marketing Machine

Full service marketing strategy & execution across high efficiency digital marketing channels. Expertise spans search, social and programmatic to deliver customized results for each client’s marketing.

Digital Marketing Accelerator


The Digital Marketing Accelerator™ program is designed to maximize your return-on-investment in marketing. It’s like having your very own CMO for a fraction of the cost.

Week One: Mapping Your Marketing Transformation

A full overview of the program and the core strategies we leverage to generate results. This week is extremely important to understand how to work through this marketing program.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Our main purpose and objective — building your “Marketing Machine”
  • Program overview,  general housekeeping & how to get support
  • Foundational mindsets, marketing principles and success factors
  • Switching to the new model of integrated performance marketing
  • Key action items (3) + questions (2 live Q&A calls)
Week Two: Data Immersion & Audience Research

In week two we will work together on an audit of all existing data/marketing systems as well as begin to research target audience segments.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Brand and audience research
  • Understanding the what and the why
  • Crafting your audience/offer/outcome
  • Developing your unique value proposition
  • Key action items + questions (2 live Q&A calls)
Week Three: Strategy Development & Goal Setting

In week three we will take the data and insights from the prior phase and develop a go-to-market strategy along with establishing our sales goals.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Performance marketing goals and business KPI setting
  • Audience driven media planning
  • Mapping your audience journey
  • Key digital channels and partners
  • Measurement and ROI strategy
  • Key actions items + questions (2 live Q&A calls)
Week Four: Audience Messaging & Creative Expression

Week four is about the development of our sales messages and creative expression designed to solicit a response from our target audience and drive measurable qualified lead capture.

Here’s what we cover:

  • Converting research insights to marketing messages
  • Strategy for message testing, CTAs and optimization
  • Marketing funnel development & audience segmentation
  • Ad type selection, strategy and audience building
  • Developing your creative campaign elements
  • Key actions items + questions (2 live Q&A calls)
Week Five: Channel Strategy & Marketing Machine

In week five we will build out your marketing sales funnel and implement a media channel strategy aimed at driving ROI.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Finalizing your marketing plan and media strategy
  • Setting up your measurement systems and KPI tracking
  • Digital ad campaign setup process & implementation
  • Launching your first test campaigns & analyzing performance
  • Leveraging key insights to improve outcomes
  • Key actions items + questions (2 live Q&A calls)
Week Six: Campaign Deployment, Measurement & ROI

In week six we will work on setting up and launching your first paid marketing campaigns aimed at testing additional messages and lead capture.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Launching your larger scale campaigns
  • Real-time message testing and optimization
  • Growing and managing your campaigns
  • Systematize your marketing to scale impact & ROI
  • Key actions items + questions (2 live Q&A calls)
Week Seven: Accelerating Digital Transformation

In this bonus week, we will develop a strategy aimed at accelerating your most successful campaigns & messages to drive even more ROI.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • Building long-term connections with your customers
  • Cultivating & delighting your marketing tribe
  • Accelerating digital marketing transformation
  • Marketing strategies to scale your sales funnel
  • Key actions items + questions (2 live Q&A calls)

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Anthony is that rare talent who can talk at the highest levels of strategy, and execute at the deepest depths of detail. I learned from Anthony every time we spoke – EVERY time. And not just about paid media, which he was brilliant at, but I learned about how to do integrated marketing better, and how to get results that actually mattered.

Anthony’s confidence is contagious — I would watch him pitch clients in awe of his knowledge; he has an innate ability to make the complex seem ordinary. Most of all, he was an amazing colleague and team leader — he built his practice from scratch, and paved the way for our agency’s success in the paid and performance media space. I’m glad I got to be his colleague; I’m honored to be his friend.

Gary Goldhammer

EVP, Digital Innovation Group, BCW Global

Working with Anthony is always a great experience, and it is a treat because he is so genuine and kind. Anthony is passionate about causes that matter and ways in which we can collectively improve this world, and has the right idea about how to market important programs and create content for maximum visibility. I and my clients have reaped the benefits of his work, especially at Conscious Connection!

Silvie Snow-Thomas

Vice President of Impact, Elle Communications

I know how busy you are. That's why this course is ACCELERATED.

Each module is under 30 minutes long and rich with the strategies and action items you need to take in order to generate more revenue from your marketing.


The course is offered in an online, on-demand format. Study the video modules at your own pace 24/7,  join the recurring weekly Q&A calls and private Slack channel anytime you need support.


Access to course materials never expires.

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