As a veteran of the marketing and branding industry, I can tell you first hand how important it is to have a strong resume if you are searching for a job. There are several qualities that make a resume powerful and each must work together seamlessly in order to make yourself a highly sought after person for the career of your dreams. Below are five resume writing tips to build a strong and successful resume.

Resume Writing Tips: 5 Strategies for Success

  • Keep it on one page if you’re starting out. Some employers may not even look at a resume if it is more than one page. It shows you can’t format a document properly and that you can’t produce a concise and relevant summary of your experience.
  • Make sure all content results driven. In other words, prospective employers want to see what you were able to accomplish in addition to the tasks you completed. Highlight what you were able to achieve and cite particular departments you worked with to drive these results. For example: “Led a targeted online pay-per-click campaign that generated a 25% return on investment and a 15% quarterly department growth.”
  • Get the order right. If you are out of college and have already had a job, then make sure your education goes below your work experience. If you are fresh out of college, then an objective at the top is appropriate followed by education, work experience, and additional information. If you have already been in the work force then the order should be work experience, education, and additional information at the bottom with no objective. Keep all old jobs past tense and current jobs present tense and make sure there are no gaps in your work experience.
  • Make an efficient use of space. I’ve seen so many resumes that make a totally ineffective use of space. Look online for good formats and templates and make sure the resume is visually and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Make sure all font is consistent in size and type. Highlight in bold only what you want emphasized and keep on one page if possible.
  • Be totally honest. Make sure you are not exaggerating any area of your experience or background. If you look too good on paper, you might land a job you’re totally unqualified for. Instead, take the time to think about your strengths and what people say you’re good at. Highlight those qualities while also understanding areas you need to improve upon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the above resume writing tips. Also be sure to leverage social media sites such as LinkedIn, which is now responsible for thousands of job placements every month. Ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date and consistent with your resume and begin networking online with people and groups in your industry.

Keep your Facebook profile professional or unlisted. Companies are very active on social media and often check out your pages to see how savvy you are as well. Make sure your privacy settings are properly configured and even use Facebook to network with people in the industry you’re interested in.

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